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...Home raised wi​th love


All puppies have found forever homes!

Please call 717-354-0760 to place a reservation on Lily's or Ma 2017 litter


1. Fasnacht Family - Clara

2. Hall Family - Sophia

3. Reihart Family - Nora

4. Gove Family - Madelyn

5. Mandie DeGuzman - Blaze

6. Suzie - Ava

7. Leahey Family - Zander

8. Jax - Denise

9. Zeke - Trevor

10. Zane - Teri

Seven Weeks Old

Six Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old

We're having a ball, enjoying the grass. We spend most of our days outside except when it's really hot, then we crawl through our doggie door to nap inside. We eat puppy food three times a day and supplement with Mom's milk.

Four Weeks

We've moved to our big pen. Getting used to the big outdoors...a bit schiddish at unfamiliar territory. We feel most comfortable indoors, but by the end of next week will be loving the outdoors.

We love to play with each other and still take lots of naps.

Three Weeks Old

Puppies are starting to play and interact with one another. They still sleep a lot. Next week will move to our larger pen which has access to the wonderful outdoors.

Two Weeks Old

Puppies' eyes are open and they're growing like weeds. They're starting to bark at sounds they hear and are walking, though very wobbly. 

One Week Old

Three days old!

Two days old