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...Home raised wi‚Äčth love


Doodles 2011

Spieker Family & Copper (Duke)

We are thrilled with our Copper/Duke! He is a beautiful red color with wavy fur-not curly which is exactly what we had hoped for! His personality is so sweet and mellow (most of the time)! He potty trained within a couple of weeks with just a few accidents here and there after that, but not for months now. He absolutely loves to be with us all the time. Even if he asleep in the kitchen by the air conditioning vent which is his favorite spot, he bolts up to follow us if he hears anyone going anywhere. When I do laundry, he lays on the floor watching me with his cute brown eyes. He loves to go bye-bye and to our pleasant surprise has never gotten car sick! He actually loves to go anywhere and runs to the door when asked if he wants to go bye-bye. He jumps right in and onto his seat-my kids get annoyed because I give him shot-gun. 

He is obsessed with sticks and prances around with one in his mouth like a big shot. We have an acre of land, but don't have a fenced in yard so we have had some challenges keeping him in our yard when the next door neighbor's kids come out to play. He just LOVES people and he wags his whole back end, not just his tail feverishly. It is soo cute! We are working on getting him not to jump up when greeting people. Our biggest issue is that he gets so excited to see people that he just about always sprinkles. We can decrease it if we don't make eye contact or speak to him for about a minute when he's greeting us. But we can't get rid of altogether yet. He LOVES the vet and we have had him there occasionally for doggie day care and have boarded him for 3 nights. He was originally scared of other dogs, but since occasionally going to daycare, has not issues with other dogs at all. He is very playful with them.

He is very smart and learned to sit the first day we had him. Since then, he also learned to lay down, stay, shake, roll, and speak. We had him in a puppy class and he is currently in basic obedience class. He goes bananas for treats and when he even hears the word-comes running.

He is not a big eater and we did have some issues with him vomiting first thing in the morning, but he has also gotten over that in the past month or 2. Even though he's not a big eater, he is already about 50 pounds. He reminds us alot of his mom, Sophie. 

He is such a big part of our family and I can't believe we have only had him for about 4 months now! We couldn't be happier or more in love with him!

Thanks for such a great dog,


Brady (Maxwell)

 Nina & Scout (Maxwell/Brady)

Brady is delightful and huge (70-75lbs). He is loosing his puppy fur and his big boy hair is much redder, not very curly and a bit shorter. He has one or two bad habits (counter surfing) but has been easy to train and is very calm most of the time. He figured out how to jump over the fence already but seems only to want to do that when someone is walking by. He likes to visit with them and then comes and sits at the door and waits to be let in. He has chewed through 2 leashes but seems to leave the shoes alone. He loves carrots and tomatoes.

I live close to a college campus and Brady is a big hit with the students. He loves to play basket ball with them or court hockey, though he hogs the ball/puck and leaves tooth marks in them. He has gotten car sick once or twice but really but actually loves the car. He met our horse and quickly found out why you don't nip at things bigger than you are. He loves the other dogs at the farm and gets warn out every time we take him there. He was very quiet for a long time but has suddenly found his bark. He gets up early and likes to play which involves his outside voice - not a great combo with my cup of Joe. He goes for walks 2-3 time a day and has lots of friends in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to know this happy playful, red, fluff-ball, and we are very glad to share him with our neighbors and friends. 

Brady... 6 months

 Tucker Family (Macy/Carlee)

There's no way I can pass up this opportunity to brag about our puppy. Carlee is a joy and a delight. She loves to "piddle" with excitement, on the floor when my husband comes near, so now he has to greet her outside and then they can come in. she loves to play in the mud, literally rolling in it so I can spend the next hour bathing and drying her. 2 weeks after we got her, we went on a 6 week road trip and she did great, I don't think she got sick once. Now that we're back home and trying to settle back into the routine, she's getting car sick. My guess is the highway driving works much better for her than the stop and go. She can usually make it about 40 minutes but at the 45 minute mark--- it's time to break out the rags and clean up. She did a few obedience classes before we hit the road just to get the basic sit, stay, down, come commands and we plan to put her in a 6 week beginner class in a few weeks. She was spayed about three weeks ago and she did great AND she seems a bit calmer since then. I dont know if is a coincedence, her age or the procedure but she's defiantly calmer. She's been boarded twice (once for a day and once for a week) and does really well. She also does well at the groomer, we go about every 2-3 weeks depending on how many mud puddles she got into. She loves running around with her squeeky stuffed toys or a squeeky tennis ball. She knows the word " treat", and will come running if the she hears anyone say it. She hasn't destroyed to much in our home, unless you count two pair of reading glasses and a wall in our laundry room that she chewed up. We weren't sure how potty training was going since we were in and out of hotels for 6 weeks but when we got home, thankfully we found that she was in fact trained, thankfully! We're heading out of town but when we get back I'll send some 6 month picks. It's been a blast having Carlee and can't wait to see what she does next.

The Tucker's 

Carlee...6 months

Sean & Kristin and Bo (Duke) 

Bo's 2nd Birthday!!!

Broc & Lauren &Toby (Rio)

Toby is absolutely fantastic, Lauren and I are loving

him to death. He is perfectly crate and potty trained...and sits, lays

and stays like a champ. He gets TERRIBLY car sick, whether he is in

for 5 minutes or 5 hours, regardless of speed. All in all, he is a

perfect dog and an even better companion.

Toby (Rio)

Isabel (Chloe) lives with the Hinchey Family

Hi Everyone,

We have Chloe/Isabel, and she is adorable. My brother spent the summer with us and threatened to kidnap her and take her back to Scotland (where he lives). Other than the car sickness problem, she has been a good puppy. She has the usual puppy behaviors - she is also a counter surfer, is still trying to remember not to jump up when she first gets out of her crate, and ate 2 plastic bowls and one leash so far. She loves to steal shoes and play chase with them, but is very good about trading for a treat or other toy. My 6 yr. old loves to play tug of war with her and her long rope toy. She also likes to cuddle with her using Isabel as her pillow. She was a little slow with house breaking, but is finally accident free, except for when she meets new people - she gets very excited and piddles. She also hates baths. We tried filling up the baby pool and just letting her stand in it and drink the water, but she didn't even like that. It is much easier to take her to the groomer, but with her car sickness issues we have only done that twice. She is getting spayed on Monday - luckily, we have an excellent vet right around the corner, and she can make it there without throwing up. I am hoping she will calm down a bit after the operation - she wraps herself around my leg when she wants to play and can be a bit aggressive. I just turn my back on her and ignore her until she calms down, and then she is fine. We had this with our last dog, and after he was neutered he didn't do it anymore, so I'm guessing it will be the same for Isabel. One of our biggest problems is that she does not have enough room to run in our yard, and since we can't drive her very far, she can't work off that extra energy, especially after being in her crate all day (my husband and I both work). We take her for a walk in the early morning and then before bed, but she really needs a big space to run. I am hoping that once she reaches 6 months she'll be able to go farther in the car so we can take her to the park! She loves to retrieve and is learning to catch. We're looking forward to teaching her to play frisbee. She is so cute on her walks - she finds a stick and carries it thru the neighborhood.

I loved reading other people's stories - thanks for sharing!  

The Hinchey's

Carlee (Macy)

Beau (Duke)

Isabel (Chloe)

Isabel (Chloe)