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...Home raised wi​th love


Sophie's last litter of pups!

10 days

Jasper (2 1/2 weeks) (SOLD)

Rex (2 1/2 weeks ) (SOLD)

We are getting very fat...but not to worry. We're just starting to walk around so we'll soon be trim and buff. We were too fat to move..esp Rex... there's so much milk with just the two of us.

3 Weeks Old

Rex (SOLD)

Jasper (SOLD)

Four Weeks Old

Horace (left) & Jasper (right)

Jasper and Rex (4 1/2 weeks)

Rex (left) and Jasper (right) (Five Weeks)


Hi Laurie,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Bones. He a great (not so little - 35 lb.!) guy. He has had very few accidents in the house, and I just got him to start ringing a bell when he wants to go outside. He responds now to sit, stay, come, down, shake, roll over, and jump. Play dead is next. He's still in a chewing phase, but doesn't get into too much trouble if I'm around [he did get out of his crate and do some damage once when I wasn't home]. We've been to the vet a few times now, and he is all caught up on his vaccinations. The vet always compliments me on what a well behaved and well socialized dog he is, and I have you guys to thank for that. Attached are some videos. I hope all is well!



I was just checking out your website and figured I would send you another update about Bones. He really is a tremendous dog. Very playful but also knows when to sit and relax. I always get tons of compliments on how gentle he is and how well trained he is. I haven't regretted getting him for a second, and am so grateful that I was able to get him from you. I always recommend you to anyone looking for a dog, and whenever it comes time for me to have another, you will be the first person I call. I have attached some pictures, including Bones' getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July and Bones after his last haircut. I hope all is well!




Hi Laurie,

An update on Jasper. He’s growing so much he’s huge.. We just got through the biting stage, there was a moment that I thought I was going to have to call you… He was a bugger..

Teething and biting so bad… All his teeth just fell out..Now the permanent teeth are coming through I don’t know what that will bring us..

He goes to a trainer and Ms. Linda doesn’t put up with any of his nonsense, she works one on one with him. She exhausts him out. He just started to sit still for some length of time, before now he has been in constant motion… We’re still working on his potty training. As long as we let him out every 45 minutes he’s fine. It’s so funny he won’t go #2 in front of us and especially will not go on the leash.. loves to bite the leash, he’s crewed through 2 leashes so far. He also likes to put his feet up on the counter and patio wall. He digs in his pool of water still, loves that.

The water bowl… He stop digging, I stop filling it up so high, however drinks water like it’s going out of style…

He is doing so well with the car rides. His vet is about a 40 min drive from us, he’s made it all the way there and back without throwing up. We try to take him in the car everywhere we go, back and forth to the park, to get ice cream… That has helped.

He loves the newspaper, homework, mail and tissues.. and of course his bones……He hasn’t chewed up any furniture or drywall yet. I keep buying the chewy things for him. When I leave him for 3 to 4 hours he’s very good, sleeps must of the time and will not go to the bathroom in his territory. He still sleeps in the crate and does not go up stairs. Don’t quite trust him yet..

Everywhere he goes people complement us on how darling he is..He loves to go to Pet Smart all the workers give him so much attention that he just eats up… He does not like the heat as you will notice from the pictures. I have some more up to date pictures that I will send to you soon.

Take Care hope all is well with you and your family.  

3 days