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...Home raised wi‚Äčth love


Doodles 2010


 Hi, my name is Olive. I'm happy living on a farmette with my Owners Jan & Bernie, and black poodle named Shadow. Occasionally Bear (Rusty 2009), my 1/2 brother comes to visit. I also help foster dogs feel comfortable when they come to stay with us till they are rehibilitated and find loving families to live with. The other day I was learning how to help Jan round up the Guinea hens to their pen.

You may be wondering why I'm the only puppy from the 2010 litter. I was the only one of four that survived a difficult delivery which ended in a C-section for my Mom, Sophie. 

Olive lives with Jan & Bernie

Admiring Bear (Rusty 2009)

Olive and Bear

"Olive just went with us today to a winery and was the hit of the party.   

She is so good and smart and beautiful. We love her so. "

Congratulating Sophie on her Spring litter 2011.

Oh, so good to hear from you. Glad all has gone well. I would take another in a second if we had room. All is good with us and hope the same for you and yours. Thank you for the updates and we always look forward to your news. Love, Olive, Jan and Bernie and Shadow