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...Home raised wi‚Äčth love


2009 Doodles

The Kunkel family (Bella)

The Richard family (Mia)

The Graham family (Ella/Daisy)

Jess & Rick (Charlie/Baxter)

Hello Laurie!

I still think of you guys often when looking into my Baxter's eyes (Charlie 2009) He is THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD! We get so many compliments and I accept them greatly. He has the best temperament of any dog I have ever known and I now understand why some people like to CLONE their dogs. He is absolutely our baby. My husband admits that he is the best decision we have ever made! (I guess he could have done without getting married after being together for 13+ years!!!) Any who, I just again want to share my appreciation to you and your family and Sophie for giving us our Baxter Boy! We are excited for him to start a new chapter of his life on becoming a Big Brother to Twin boys (expected June 2013!) He is going to be the best, I just know it!

I can't believe he is going to be 4 years oldMarch 13, if I could I would put him in a time machine now and never let him age! I have attached a little photo collage of us and him showing his personality! He is the center of our worlds and we cannot wait to share him with our babies! And just so you know, I refer everyone to your website ;)

Thanks again!!!



Rick, Baxter & Jessica

Rosaine & Zachary (Livy)

Chavon & Jackson

The Lavine Family (Trixie/Coco)

Lucas & Julie and Rusty (Bear)

Bear and Santa

Kevin & Erica and Tucker (Beau)

Josh & Erin (Maggie/Nami)

Bear (Rusty 2009)

Rusty (2009) Olive (2010)