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...Home raised wi‚Äčth love


Christmas Doodles 2011

Carly (Emma) 6 weeks

Arrived just in time for Christmas!

Carly 8 weeks

Carly has a job... works as a therapy dog in her owner's Dentist office.

Jackson and buds!

Carly is doing better and better at the office. At one year she can go into therapy classes. She is loving and smart. She will do great. She has such a great disposition. Again I wanted to tell you she travels in the car excellently, and has since she was a puppy. Here is a pic as she wiggled her way from the back of the car to be next to Jackson on our way to Kiawai island this summer. 

Winston (Jude)

Winston (Jude)

(Roscoe) Trusty

We love Trusty (Roscoe) he has been the best dog. Goofy, playful, loving, and loves to be around all ages. He has been an amazing sweet dog...and he's huge!

Erin and Jeff 

Bailey (Rosey)

6 months


Sadie (Paige)

(Ruby) Abby

Abby & Essie


Essie loves to swim!

Essie and Abby (Ruby) are doing great. It's hard to believe they are a year old already. Attached is a great picture I was able to get of both of them when we sat for Abby back in March. After a few hours of running around, they both plopped down.

My parents are enjoying Abby immensly. My mom dedicates much of her day to walking and playing with Abby - and Abby just loves my father.

Essie is also doing great - although she is a bit of a thief. The kids give her much love and attention. She spent the entire summer swimming in the pool She absolutely loves the water and swims side-by-side with the kids.