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...Home raised wi​th love



Poppy is sweet and loves to cuddle in our laps. She can also hold her own against her larger fury friends. She weighs 28#. 

Dream Weaver's

Fantasy Ring-O-Fire


Buddy has a sweet disposition and considers himself a lap dog as well. Buddy weighs 16#'s. AKC Registered.

Reservation List

1. Grandview Doodles - Rosey

2. N. Remy - Romeo

3. C. Taverna - Rocco

4. J. Novak - Rocky

5. J. Marenko - Rudy

6. C. Buckley - Rusty

7. V. Hagerty - Rufus

Six Weeks!

These little ones are all so sweet and fun. I've listed a couple comments under pictures and will try to take note so I can add more descriptive words to help you know them better. I enjoy them all. Just like children, they're all different. Some make themselves known plowing their way to the front and others come along in the background but all are engaging. Just sweetness!

Five Week Old 

This week the puppies have come to be at home in their new setting. At the beginning of the week we were handing them through the doggie door and carrying them out to mom in the grass. Now they readily go out the doggie door and run to meet Momma Poppy for nursing. They're also enjoying the large outdoor grassy space for playing...especially when the sun is shining and it's not so cold. Otherwise they soon head inside to their heated indoor pen. Our grandchildren enjoyed snuggling these little ones...sometimes squeezing a bit too much!

Four Weeks Old

Today, we introduced the puppies to some new firsts!

It's time to start supplementing mom's milk with some puppy food.

We also moved them to a new pen with a doggie door to the outside. This really helps get a head start on potty-training, making your job easier when they come to your home. 

Three Weeks old

Puppies are getting playful with each other. They still spend most of their time sleeping. They're getting around on all fours much better, although still a bit wobbly. Next week we'll have some names. :)

Two Weeks old

Puppies eyes are starting to open and they're crawling around on their bellies.

One Week Old

We just eat and sleep and eat and sleep...getting nice and plump! :)

Puppies arrived 10/25/20!

5 days old