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...Home raised wi​th love


Maddie & Fiero

Taking Reservations for Summer 2021

F1B Standard goldendoodles - little to no shedding!

$2850 Plus 6% PA sales tax

email: [email protected]

It's crazy, but yes!, Maddie had 12 male puppies April 20th.

Ready for homes June 15th

Puppies are Microchipped, dew claws removed

and 2 year Health guarantee for Genetic illnesses

1. M. Rodriquez

2. Kegerreis

3. E P Devon

4. D. Spencer

5. J. Worrilow

6. Arati P

7. Miko

8. William M.

9. A. Raynor

10. B. Gossard

11. S. Perisi



Five Weeks Old

What fun we are! ... so cute and cuddly. We're getting more comfortable in our space and improving with potty training each day. We play and tussle with each other. On nice days we are visited by neighborhood families/friends strolling by. Sometimes they come into our pen and play with us. Benjamin is the smallest and Judah is one of the biggest. We were named after Jacob's sons in the Bible. (Genesis 29 & 30) We each wear a different collar for identification purposes.

Four Weeks Old

We had a lot of changes this week! ...We've been introduced to our new living space over the last few days. (indoor pen with access to large grassy play area) At first we didn't like the strange setting and we cried a lot. But now we're having fun exploring and playing in our new space. We're even learning to go potty in the grass. We also started eating puppy food in addition to Mom's milk. Next week we'll have names attached to our photos. :)

Three Weeks Old

This past week our eyes have opened and we're becoming playful with one another. We sleep a lot and nurse often ...every 3-4 hours.

Two Weeks Old

Basically eat and sleep is what we do. Our eyes are starting to open.

One Week Old