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...Home raised wi‚Äčth love



What Our Families are saying...

1. How do Doodles do with young children??

Yep Jake our goldendoodle now has a 2 legged brother. We are soo happy and Jake is getting along so well with our new baby! Overall Jake is doing well with everything! no issues with chewing with exception of his toys, which is fantastic. As long as we make sure he goes pee and or poo before, he does not have anymore issues with the car ride. However he does not voluntarily jump into the car, but once he is lifted in he is good. Of course we continue to have some minor issues with slight ear infections and matting. I try to maintain both as much as I can. All I can say is, he is the best dog I have ever had. Very gentle with children of all ages and obedient with all commands. I couldn't have asked for a better companion. Thank you so much again Laurie for producing such great pets! Welcome to the new year and good luck with future breedings. Best Wishes! Carrie, Jeff & Jake (2008) 

2. What do we like about our Doodle?

Pace is an interesting mammal. We think she believes she IS a dog with human privileges. She's so smart its incredible. She's attached to Gordon at the hip and is rather obsessed with retrieving anything, but tennis balls are a favorite. She has a special relationship with snow, and it LOVES to stick in small balls to her coat. She remains an absolute blessing to our entire nuclear and extended family. ~Chyrrea (2008)

Carsickness (Sophie's Pups had Car sickness issues)

1. How long does it last?

Here's what our families have to say...

Feed back from puppy families gives a range from 3-4 months up to a year. Some experience it more severely than others.

I think it took a good 10 months for her to be completely over the car sickness. ~Mary Lou (2008)

I believe he got better once I started taking him to doggie daycare. I would have to coax him to get into the car but once he was in, after about 2 months, he stopped the drooling and just cried for a few min. This all occurred probably around the 9th and 10th months. These were short trips and much encouragement and patience was provided. He can now enjoy longer trips and only cries if he has to pee or poo. Hope that helps. ~Carrie (2008)

Gracie had car sickness the first few times she went any long distance but out grew by the second trip to Boston. I stopped every couple of hours but ...good luck beacuse your dogs are divine - gracie gives me so much pleaure...and she has calmed down beautifully...Happy New Year ~Betsy Hoover (2008)

2. How do we deal with it?

Here are some ways our families have dealt with it....

Daisy use to get really car sick. When she was about 9 months to a year old I started driving her the two blocks to take the boys to school. She would get so excited to see all of the kids. We gradually increased the time in the car from two blocks to a mile and so on. Now she can go for a good 20 to 30 minute car ride without getting sick. We don't feed her prior to going in the car and she still dashes for her water bowl the second we arrive home but outside of the occasional mis-hap she doesn't get car sick any more.

Good luck. ~Robyn (2009)

I believe he got better once I started taking him to doggie daycare. I would have to coax him to get into the car but once he was in after about 2 mos, he stopped the drooling and just cried for a few min. This all occurred probably around the 9th and 10th months. These were short trips and much encouragement and patience was provided. He can now enjoy longer trips and only cries if he has to pee or poo.

Hope that helps. ~Carrie

Hi Kendel, I have Olive from the 2010 litter of one. She had a different father. Our son, has Rusty (now Bear) from the 2009 litter. Olive has done well in the car. Bear took a while but did outgrow it and I think it took almost a year. He was not scared of the car though. Now he goes everywhere. They did teach him to ride on the floor of the back seat and I think that helped.

I foster dogs for an organization in VA and I have fostered a few dogs with car sickness issues. All older than Isabel when I got them. They have gone on to homes and their owners had continued to work on what I started here. First, since she is so afraid of the car. Try to spend time in the car while it is parked. I had to do this with one and I would at first keep the car doors/back open and just read at first. He was on a leash. He always got treats as he started to relax. He wouldn't even jump in at first. Then as you have done, we took very small trips... post office, park. In just a couple of miles he would be drooling terribly but we would stop and take a walk, etc. Keep the treats "small" when you are actually riding about as his stomach is touchy. I gave this one Ginger Capsules from the health food store and I think they helped keep the stomach quieter, you just have to think ahead and plan these outings. You can read about the Ginger on line, you probably have seen it already. When he went to his home a couple of months later he was still drooling but the couple were very good about making short trips and most of all making them a positive experience for him. It worked with a little time....

Remember try to ignore her when she is in the car and drooling. Just stop the car soon and walk about. If you make a big deal by baby talk or harsh voice then it could make things worse.

One of the other dogs improved but never really "got" there. The owner, who does agility with her finally asked the vet for something. I am not sure what exactly but Dramamine had been tried. I will email him to find out what it was and if it worked.

Hang in there. They are great dogs! I would take another in a second if I could! Jan Hall (2010)

3. Do all the puppies get this car sickness?

In following up with families it seems that 1/2 to 3/4 of the litter struggle with it. We're always happy when we hear the news below.

Bandit (8/08 birth month) has never had any car sickness issues. He continues to enjoy car rides to the vet or to visit friends and relatives. He is a very big (95 pounds with a full coat) happy boy. ~Kaulback Family(2008)

Pace, formerly Vixie, has no issues with car sickness. She does have a tempermental tummy. Raw hide, bones, and some inexpensive treats don't agree with her. They come back up. She eats Nutro Natural Choice for Large Breed dogs, and that has worked really well for her. In fact, her breath is better also. ~Chyrrea (2008)

Baxter (Charlie from 2009) is excellent in the car. He looks forward to any trip that he can be included in. When he was 5 months we drove to Northern New York (approx. 5 hours drive) and he was absolutely fine. No car sickness whatsoever. As the words "wanna go for a ride" come out of my mouth, he is all ready to go in the car! ~Jess, Rick and Baxter

Ear Challenges

1. What do our families say about wax build up and ear infections?

Pace does have a problem with wax build up in the ear, and once it became in infection. That was treaated by the vet with Mometomax, but now we have to maintain with EpiOtic at least 2x per week. Chyrrea (2008)

Hey all,

Bear (formerly Rusty) from the 2009 litter, has ears that constantly produce wax and sometimes will get yeast infections if water gets into his ears. I've heard a bunch of people have the same problem.

We've remedied the infection problem by having the hair in his ears plucked by the groomer about every 4-5 months. When there is less hair in the ears, any residual water evaporates and prevents yeast from cultivating. Getting his ears plucked is by far the best solution.

Alternatively, my wife will also clean Bear's ears with these ear wipes (, which help dramatically. We try to wipe his ears clean every other day which helps a lot. She just sticks the wipe and her finger in his ears as far as she can. You would be amazed at the black junk that comes out. Bear seems to like it when we use the ear wipes, and he definitely stops shaking his head.

When Bear had a yeast infection, the Vet gave us a medicated "fast-drying" solution to put in his ears. It just helps to evaporate any water that might be in there. So the best thing to do is to get the inner ear dry shortly after the ears are exposed to water.

Best, Lucas and Julie Hall (2009)

Height & Weight

1. How big will my Doodle get?


Families are reporting around 55-106 pounds.

Females generally 55-70 pounds Males 85-105 pounds

Pace remains small, weighing in yesterday at 54.5 lbs. Loves to give and get love, and is obsessed with catching balls mid-air! ~Chyrrea (2008)