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...Home raised wi​th love


2019 Silus / Lily Doodles



Cordell Family with Rose (now Finley)

Finley is a great dog! She loves people and other dogs ever since we got her. She’s very smart and follows commands. We’re still working on getting her not to jump when meeting new people. She’s so friendly and has never shown any sign of aggression towards people or dogs. She doesn’t bark at other dogs, just at us when she wants to play or if she hears the doorbell ring. She got sick at first in the car for long trips but we give her Dramamine (Recommended by her Vet) and she’s been fine ever since. She loves to play and chase after frisbees. We love our Finley!

Patty with Amos Neville

We are so happy and enjoying every minute with Neville. He is so far a very easy and sweet puppy who loves our Ziggy and my daughter's dogs. He is very social with other dogs and people. He is smart and has mastered several commands already. Thank you so much for our new family member.



Our Neville is a wonderful sweet puppy who is greatly loved by family and our other dogs. He is busy and active, especially outside. He is very big and tall compared to our other doodles. Our vet and groomer say he is one of the biggest in their practice. He is a jumper. I have never seen a dog that can jump up as high as your head with all four feet off the ground. We went to dog training class and he did great. He is smart and learned basic commands quickly. We will be going to next level class in April. My plan is for Neville to be a therapy dog and to take him to hospitals to visit and read to children who are sick.

Thank you for the opportunity to add this sweet and a bit crazy teenage puppy to our family.


Jim & Gina with Charlotte (now Fiona)

Fiona is truly amazing. Beyond smart, sassy, adorable and loyal are just a few adjectives to describe our little girl. 

Your crate/dogpen training since she was born has been so helpful. Fiona loves her crate and has not once had an accident while in it. Potty training seemed like a breeze with her. She even rings the bell when she needs to go out. She is a bundle of joy for us, friends and family. She is so friendly with all types and sizes of people. We made sure to socialize and desensitize her from the very beginning. We could not be happier (I could go on and on)!

We did notice she has summer-fall allergies, dry skin and a sensitive stomach. Salmon does not sit well with her. We changed to the Science Diet for her stomach and she's been enjoying the chicken flavor for a few months now. Also, she is a professional chewer; luckily though, she destroys her toys and none of our things! We've been buying Nylabone dura chew toys. It's the only thing that lasts!

Weight- 54lbs

Tina Xiao Family & Andy (now Ugo)

Wood Family with Fern (now Summer)

Resh Family with Grace (now Elle)

Elle is the love of our lives and one of the kindest and smartest dogs in the world! She is such a quick learner and was able to pick up her basic commands and skills in no time at all. Her biggest need area at this time is working on not jumping on people when they come to the home but we are getting better at this and after 5 minutes, she calms down and is ok around ne people. Once at home, she only had 2 accidents inside and both were our fault. We used the bell system to potty train and it worked great. She has a lot of energy at different points in her day and requires a routine and schedule for exercise but loves this outdoor time especially in the snow. Playing fetch with a ball is her favorite game of all. We are starting to introduce her to our newborn baby and it is getting better each day however she seems very unsure about things. Elle does get car sick on longer trips however with 1 Dramamine she is ok. We love having her in our family and she is so friendly and loving.

Hur Family and Naty (now Bailey)

We cannot say enough wonderful things about our sweet girl, Bailey, who joined our family in June 2018. At ten months old, she is 65 pounds and awesome! She has been extremely smart and trainable since day one. She literally scratched on our door to go out the day after we brought her home! She came to us almost fully house trained, which was phenomenal. We were very diligent about working with her all last summer to teach her manners, and we feel that overall, she is a very polite puppy! One exception is that she is a huge jumper. This is truly our fault and something we need to spend more time training her on. We also worked hard getting her acclimated to her crate right from the start. It has paid off, because she loves her crate! She goes in there during the day by choice and sleeps there overnight. She has always been awesome overnight! Bailey's favorite thing to do is to play fetch! She is amazing at it, and would play all day if we were willing!

We joke that little hearts just radiate out of Bailey's eyeballs because she is such a sweetheart and a lover. She loves to snuggle with our kids, especially our son, Johnny. They have a special bond which melts our hearts! We have an 11 year old Labradoodle, Maggie, whom Bailey thinks hung the moon. They get along wonderfully, although poor Bailey is so full of energy and wants to play so badly, and Maggie is old and just wants to sleep most of the time! Bailey is without a doubt the cutest thing we have ever seen. We are constantly in disbelief at how cute she is. We really, really loved her long, shaggy fur, but unfortunately, we did not brush her as much as we should have, because she became very matted. (The good news is that she does not shed at all!) We were extremely sad when she had to get shaved at the groomer right after Christmas, and we are impatiently waiting for her adorable, fluffy self to grow back! I'm sending along pictures of the fluffy Bailey, not the shaved Bailey, who looks like a completely different dog!

We feel so fortunate to have found the Millers, and to have brought Bailey into our family. We can't imagine life without her!

Rossi Family and Trudy (now Robbi)

Robbie is doing very well and getting so big! She gets a ton of attention and everywhere we go, she’s the center of attention. We are so happy that she is a part of our family!

Bridgeman Family & Wilbur (now Bruno)