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...Home raised wi​th love


2019 Maddie and Fiero Doodles



Gordon Family - Lexi (now Luna)

7.5 Weeks

                                           10 Month Update

Luna (Lexi) is doing great! She has made the perfection addition to our family. We were very pleased with Laurie and the care she was giving to the puppies. Luna did not and currently does not have any health issues. We were told to ask our vet about a heart murmur and she did not have one. Luna currently weighs 48 pounds.

Luna was potty trained within less than a week. We contribute most of this to the care she was given at the Miller’s and the fact that they went outside when using the bathroom. We took Luna to puppy kindergarten and she learned the commands instantly. She was very easy to train.

At 10 weeks Luna traveled to Massachusetts with our family. Luna did great on the 8-9 hour car ride and to this day does not get sick in the car. 

Luna’s gentle personality allows us to take her In public. Aside from visiting Massachusetts, Luna visited my first grade classroom, walked through Boston, traveled by ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, visiting loved ones in nursing homes, and much more. 

Luna loves being outside, digging in mulch beds, and snuggling with her family. Luna gets along with other dogs, people, and children. She has a wonderful personality that leaves most people thinking she is more human than dog. 

We want to thank the Miller’s for their high quality services. 


The Gordon's

Lopez Family.....Zara (now Ginger)

Wise Family

Taya (now Lily)

10 Month Update

Lily formerly known as Taya is loved by so many family members and friends. She is smart, funny, loves to cuddle, go on walks, and play with her cat brother Pete. When we first got Lily she was eating Verus food, we transitioned her to Purina Pro-Plan. Lily adjusted well to the change. Lily's coat was Apricot; however, when she turned about six months old she turned to our beautiful blonde Goldendoodle! Lily attended a six week puppy class and was recommended for advance classes by week three. She was a quick study! 

Lily does great in car rides. We take her down to our shore house every weekend during the summer. She loves to run on the beach and socialize with the other beach dogs. She also always seems to be the center of attention during family parties (which she absolutely loves) and other events.

We couldn't be happier with our choice of Lily and we love having her as an addition to our family!