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...Home raised wi​th love


2018 Maddie and Fiero Doodles



Kegerreis Family - Mavis (now Daisy Mae)

Miss Daisy Mae (was Mavis) is a honey, she is definitely a snuggle bug. Her temperament is very dositle. She loves every person and every other animal. She is very playful and too smart as well, which is not a bad thing. She is about 47 pounds at nearly 8 months. She did have that heart murmur, but at her first check up with the vet it had closed completely. We are so happy with our loving, healthy pup!

Robert T. - Molly (now Finley Rey)

Finley, formerly known as Molly, has been a wonderful addition to our family. Her first few months she was fortunate enough to learn the ropes from our 16 year old Cocker Spaniel, Reilly. Though she had a lack of spacial awareness and at times a little too high energy for our old gal it wasn’t uncommon for the two to be curled up together for an afternoon nap! After Reilly’s passing Finley quickly assumed her new role in the family and hasn’t looked back! 

Finley loves running around our property with our 11 year old sons playing ball, picking up sticks or just digging a hole! When not staring out the window at her friends she can be found lounging around napping or cuddling up with one of the kids! She is crate trained during the day and sleeps at the foot of our bed at night! Finley loves meeting new people and though gentle we are still working on her jumping up on people. Her temperament is great, she is a lover and constantly wants to play! Finley had quiet the affinity for any sock she could find in the beginning but has since learned to keep to her toys. To say she is a chewer would be a understatement but we find keeping her occupied with multiple toys is key! 

She currently weighs in at 44 pounds and our Vet thinks she is just about done growing. We kept Finley on the Verus life stages food which she has tolerated just fine. She appears to be perfectly healthy with no health issues to report.  

Look forward to hearing from everyone and seeing pictures of Finley’s siblings! 

David & Mary Ellen and Rosie (now Sophie )

Hi everyone from Wilmington, Delaware. Sophie (formerly Rosie) is just the sweetest girl. We love her so much. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We have a big backyard and she loves zooming around the yard (when its not so muddy out there!). She also loves to go on walks and play with her friend Zac, a rescue dog that lives up the street from us. And she loves, loves, loves grabbing sticks more than anything, even playing ball. She has lots of toys, with her favorite being the squeaking turtle, squeaking heiney sniffer bottle (looks like a heineken) and the snorting pig which she recently destroyed. She is crate trained and sleeps in the crate at night. She is not too bad of a chewer and only chews on her toys which is the only things she has destroyed. She has never chewed on any furniture, clothing, or anything else in the house. She is a huge lover, cuddling with us all of the time and she loves to play and wants to do it all the time.

Sophie was the chilliest of all the pups, and she still is today, but when she is excited, lookout. Her energy level is just crazy when she is excited. She is also cautious with many things, including meeting new dogs and we just recently found out that she is afraid of heights. Some of the issues we had were her jumping vertical whenever she saw/greeted people or dogs, pulling us on the leash,play biting when greeting people, and playing keep away with sticks and toys. However, Sophie just got back from a two week board and train with K9 Offleash Training in Lehigh Valley, and those issues are pretty much gone. She has door manners, greeting manners, and knows sit, down, place, heel off leash, and loadup for getting into a car. She did an amazing job with the training as the instructors commented on how smart she is.

Sophie is still on the Verus Life stages food and has had no health issues, other than swallowing bully sticks when she was 7 months. No more bully sticks for her! She also loves peanut butter which we give her in her Kong toy. She has an incredible temperament and is so friendly with everyone. People constantly comment on how beautiful she is. She is over 55lbs and we think she is still growing. We love the color of her fur and the fact that it is so soft and feels like velvet. She is like a big teddy bear! After Sophie is a year old, we are going to have her trained as a therapy dog.

We are so happy with Sophie and so glad she got us. We thing Matty and Fiero were an excellent breeding match. We love our perfect, healthy, little woofer! We look forward to hearing from her siblings and seeing everyone's pictures!

The DeMarco's

Lauren K. and Annie

Hello everyone! It's been so fun to see how all the pups have grown. There are so many similarities between the siblings. Hope you're all doing well. 

I truly can't say enough about Annie. She is the sweetest girl and my best little buddy. I can't imagine life without her! Based on what others have said as well, the Maddie-Fiero combo seems like it was extremely successful!

Like many of you, I had very few issues with training. She was house trained within a week or so of coming home. She's very smart and is quick to pick up on new commands. I've had so much success with training that she's now an off-leash dog! That was always a goal of mine for her, but I never imagined she would be there at just 9 months old. In addition, she's never once chewed on furniture or my belongings. With that said, she does love to chow down on tissues, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper...anything of the sort. She now knows the "leave it" command and won't actually swallow the stuff, but that doesn't stop her from trying to get it past me!

Annie is an over-sized lap dog. She's loving and affectionate, but also protective of her people. She loves all the cuddles, belly rubs, spooning in bed at night, and being cradled like a baby. She's also a very active dog and loves fetch (she can go for hours), tug, and coming on runs with me. She has a silly helicopter tail wag that makes it look as if she could take flight at any moment. She's also an attention hog, and will frequently tap me with her paw, nudge me with her nose, or purposefully push my phone out of my hand if she feels my attention is wrongfully elsewhere. Annie truly charms everyone she meets. People will specifically request that I bring Annie along if I visit, which often makes me feel like they're inviting Annie over, rather than inviting me (I don't blame them, I would too)! She smiles a lot (as you can see from a few of the attached pictures). She gets along so well with other pups and loves to visit the dog park. She's great in the car as well, which is crucial because I drive very frequently between Pittsburgh and the Philadelphia area.  

Annie is around 40 pounds now and the vet feels that she won't get much bigger. She hasn't had any digestive issues. I switched her from VeRUS to Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy a few months in, mainly because it was more economical and easier to purchase in-store. Annie struggled with ear infections for a bit, but I think her vet and I have found the appropriate ear wash to keep her infection-free. 

Life is just better with Annie in it! Thanks for everything, Laurie!



Kim & Clarabel (now Colby ) 

Tomorrow is Colby’s (Clarabelle) 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday Puppies!

Colby is a WONDERFUL dog. Friendly, athletic, fun, beautiful, and spicy. After a year of training she is still easily distracted, but has improved greatly in the last few weeks. The “Colby, come” command is often still a choice/suggestion in her mind, even when a high value treat is offered. Two goals right now - play in the yard without dragging a leash and walking the public trail calmly. It will happen.

This pup brings me, and my family, so much joy. Colby is repaid with walks, fetch, doggy play dates, and lots of belly rubs. We put the crate away about a month ago, we can still close her off from the kitchen as needed. She gets lots of regular exercise so she is totally chill in the house. Colby is healthy and lean at 50 lbs. She is unpredictable about eating, sometimes the bowl 2x a day, sometimes nibbles. Oh, I almost forgot! She is a barker, has always been very vocal. We have worked to modify when she barks, the training continues.

How will we celebrate this precious pup? Lots of love, a bully stick, and a bit of whipped cream. Thank you, Laurie, for Colby Snickerdoodle.



Jason and James (now Brownie) 

Hello from NJ!

We've really enjoyed all the updates and pictures! It's remarkable to see the similarities between canine siblings!

Brownie (formerly James) has been doing well and is now a solid 60+lb's. Physically, he's grown much faster than we expected, but he still acts very much like a puppy.

He loves all people and dogs, with the one exception being the postman. When he's excited, his tail does a helicopter circle motion, rather than a standard left-right wag.

We also crate-trained him, and he took to potty training quickly. He now sleeps with us on his own dog bed, with the crate now serving as his dining room.

He's really quite intelligent, and quickly learned the rules of the road - sofa/carpet/kitchen were out of bounds, only chews his own toys (even when other children toys left out), no longer pulls on his leash on walks, etc. It really surprised us just how well behaved he is overall, but we are starting to see some selective listening as he tests boundaries as he becomes a teenager.

Only incident was when we left a roll of paper towels with him unsupervised, and came back to find that he had shredded it (guilty looking picture below).

Brownie loves staring out the window, going for bike rides and runs, eating snow, and meeting other dogs on the street. He only seems to enjoy car rides if he's allowed to stick his head out an open window (very cliche, we know). He is also obsessed with fetch and could literally play fetch for hours at a time. Even after an outdoor session of fetch, he will sometimes bring toys to ask for an indoor session of fetch.

He loves to be scratched on top of his head, on the side of his face, below his chin and on his tummy. We've also found that he will sometime nudge your hand or touch his paw to your hand if he wants to be pet.

No health issues - digestion has been good and an early heart murmur resolved itself. We do find that we need to be diligent about cleaning his ears, which is to be expected. We also brush a few times a week, but that is a pleasure given his amazing soft coat.

Overall, Brownie's been an amazing dog. We are so happy he is a part of our family.


The Kim Family.

Ben & Mary Beth and Henry (now Clyde)

Hi everyone! 

We are enjoying reading about all of Clyde’s siblings and showing him their pictures! Clyde was originally named Henry. 

My husband and I are both teachers so we had two months to train him in the summer when we first got him. We planned on crate training and we only ended up using the crate at night for about two months and then we stopped because he was so well behaved. Potty training was a breeze and he had very few accidents in the house. We never had any problems with him chewing on anything other than his toys. He has never chewed furniture, carpets, clothing, paper towels(!), etc. He has an amazing temperament and is a member of our entire family. I would not consider our family “dog people” and they cannot get enough of Clyde. He is at every family gathering we go to and our family members stop by often to visit him. He loves greeting people at the door and he has a tendency to jump up on them (working on this!). He also really pulls on his leash during walks(working on this too!) He is VERY strong! He loves meeting new people, chasing cars outside, picking up sticks, and chasing leaves when the wind blows. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much social time with other dogs because our friends don’t have dogs. He is so lovable and just wants to be pet ALL the time!!! He especially loves his belly rubs! Most people can’t believe he’s a puppy because of how well behaved he is. We get so many compliments and likes on his pictures. The whole town asks us about Clyde!!!!

He won’t sleep on our bed, but sleeps nearby on the floor on his pillows (won’t sleep on his beds!). He alerts us in the middle of the night by growling/barking is he suspects someone is near our house. He gets groomed monthly and isn’t s big fan of being brushed, but we do our best to brush him everyday with all of his hair! He has excellent posture and is VERY photogenic! :) he loves having his picture taken! Clyde is about 60 pounds. He was the largest one of the litter if you remember!!!! And is the lightest colored. 

A few months ago he was having stomach issues. We put him on Wellness Core Grain Free Puppy food after the Verus ran out. After several vet visits, we switched him to Purina One Pro Plan sensitive skin and stomach and he has been fine since. We are very careful with choosing treats and we read all ingredients to make sure the meat is the first ingredient. 

Overall, we ADORE Clyde and could not ask for a better pup. He melts everyones’ hearts and makes everyone smile. 

Can’t believe they are almost ONE!!!!! Happy early birthday to all the pups! 

Marybeth and Ben 

Gail and Thomas (now Thom)

Traci & Percy

How can I pick just one recent photo when I have hundreds of my baby? We love him so much!

Anyway, this is Percy. We kept the name he was given. We took one look at him and he seemed like a Percy to us, so it stuck. He’s just the sweetest boy. When we first asked about him, Laurie said he was a mixture of fun and chill, and that’s still very true. He’s a big guy - already 60 lbs and still growing. Sometimes he doesn’t know how big he is, like when he does a flying leap into the couch right next to us and climbs on us for a snuggle. 

The family is definitely his pack. He’s very curious and has to be in the middle of things. He loves to jump up and be part of group hugs! He’s a very social and alert dog. When we’re walking him, he’s quick to lead us over to visit with neighbors, and he’ll stop in front of other dogs’ houses, like he’s looking for them. He goes to Doggie Day Camp 2-3 times a week and loves playing with his pals. He also completed Intermediate Puppy Training at PetSmart. 

Health wise, he’s a strapping young man. He was potty trained pretty easily and only needs three walks a day now. We’ve adjusted his food a couple of times, with only minor transitional issues. Teething was a bit of a challenge, and he’s still a chewer, but it has calmed down. 

Only one real quirk - he loves to steal and eat paper towels! Anyone else have a paper-loving dog?