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...Home raised wi​th love


2017 Silus / Lily Doodles

Goldstein Family and Annie (now Luna)

9 month update...

Luna is doing fantastic. Today was actually her first day without a dog walker and she did amazing on her own for the entire day. We typically keep her crated during the day while we’re at work; the dog walker has been coming mid-day to let her out to feed her lunch and get some exercise. We’ve been weaning her off the mid-day feedings (by increasing the amount of food in the mornings and evenings) to prepare her for her first day without visits. When I came home from work this evening, I was pleasantly surprised that the house was in great shape (no accidents or destruction) after being home for 8.5hrs. 

She still loves playing fetch and enjoys to pull the fluff out of any of her stuffed toys. She likes to dance with us (standing on her back legs) and is affectionate with all who meet her. 

We took her off Verus dog food 2 months ago. We didn’t have any problems with the food, it was just becoming a hassle to buy. There are a few small shops that sell them, but they’re about 15 miles away. I researched a bunch of different types of food and decided to switch her to Blue Buffalo, which I’ve been having delivered by I really love the convenience of it being shipped to my house. 

We’ve absolutely loved every second since Luna came home with us. She’s an amazing, smart and well-behaved dog! 

Rock Family with LuLu

We are loving our little girl, she has grown SO big, she weighs about 65 pounds as of now and can place her head on our counters. She is. Handful for Connor to walk at this point, but as she gets older will calm down she can walk her again. We are still using the VeRUS food, was hard to find, but we got lucky a store close by stocks it. I will get some pictures for you, LuLu was just clipped, and I am not happy with the results. Needless to say, she is not going back to that groomer.  

Nahum Family and Lady (now Magnolia aka Maggie)

She's doing great. We are so so happy with what a fun, cute addition she is!!

9 month update...

Hi Laurie,

We could not be more excited to have Maggie in our family. She's not only our favorite pup, she's everyone's favorite! She house trained very quickly and only had a small outburst for attention when we bought a baby home. We realized it was a cry for attention (she had 3 very purposeful "accidents" when I was too focused on the baby). Since I realized it was attention seeking, I have worked to pay more attention to her, and there have been no accidents. She is great with the baby. She walks over to her when she's crying but never touches her. We said to her "leave it" once and she never tried touching or licking the baby again. She somehow even knows the difference between her toys and the baby's toy. 

She waits by the door until everyone is home, then joins us in the living room. She gets along so well with other dogs that my neighbor picks her up daily to play with their dobermann (similar age). We allow her on one couch and our bed, and she doesn't even try to go on any other piece of furniture.  

I could go on and on about how great she is. I recommend that everyone goes to you for their golden doodle.  

As for the food, I really don't know why we switched. I'll say that it's probably because I wanted Amazon to deliver it, but I don't remember what made us do it.  

All the best,

Jen, Jason, Penny, and Maggie

Munsell Family and Luna (now Penny)

9 month update

Penny is absolutely wonderful in every way and has brought so much love into our lives. Penny is the most friendly dog and everyone who meets her just falls in love with her. She’s very smart, but chooses to be obedient selectively :). She is highly food motivated which has helped her learn things quickly. Penny is a super super chewer. She destroys even the super chewer category toys and Nylabones. She hasn’t destroyed anything in our house yet, but she has eaten her fair share of socks and gloves (we are honestly not even sure how she finds them or where she gets them from). The only other issue is the jumping - she can’t contain her excitement with us or others so we’re trying to work on that. She’s gone through a few phases of “excited” urination which we hope she grows out of also. The first few months were tough with her stomach. We ultimately give her all grain free food and treats, though she’s had other treats and is fine with that now. We feed her Taste of the Wild and she loves it. She had 4 or 5 different episodes of diahhrea before she was 5 months (one of which landed her in the hospital at 10 weeks) but we don’t really have a cause. The vet just said she is just highly curious and eats everything so we have to watch her carefully. Thankfully she has been much better since she hit 5-6 months. She’s currently 55lbs and a very high energy dog. On nice days we try to give her play time and at least a 2-3 mile walk and even then she’s super hyper. She’s great with people of all ages and all dogs.

Bakley Family and Missy (now Lucy)

Lucy (aka Missy) is doing nicely so far! Here's a couple of pictures of her in her new yard. She's doing well regarding housebreaking and working on being on a leash for short walks. Everyone that meets her, loves her :) 

9 Month Update...

Hi Laurie!

Can’t believe Lucy is 9 months already...she’s such a huge part of our family- I don’t know what we did before her! She is one popular girl in our neighborhood because of her bright red color and friendly personality. She’s still working on her crazy jumping when excited though! She just graduated beginner puppy school and is now in level II. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to send you her AKC Good Citizen graduation picture too :) Lucy is a chewer and can destroy most bones in a day. It’s been quite the challenge finding chews to keep her busy (I’ve lost a few DVDs, remotes, and socks along the way!). She also hates when I wear gloves (she growls at them). I think because she can’t smell my hands! For a while she liked the occasional baseboard but that has calmed down. Lucy also loves digging holes in the yard. Luckily the ground has been frozen lately :)

As for her food, we liked the VeRus but it was not really available in our area. We transitioned to Purina Pro Plan since our vet recommended it and she seems to like it (she prefers lamb over chicken flavor). She also grazes with her food and eating too fast has never been a concern. She had some stomach issues the first few months but the vet assured us it wasn’t the food because the issues came and went. She had a bout of coccidia and hook worm but some antibiotics cleared that up quickly and has been in good health since the summer. It didn’t help that she ate everything she found in the yard! I’m very happy with the Pro Plan and will continue when I switch to adult food. 

Lucy is the best dog I could have ever hoped for. She’s sweet, silly and very mischevious! We couldn’t love her more. I’ve attached some recent pictures- she’s around 55lbs and keeps growing! :) Hopefully the weather breaks soon so we can get back to our longer walks. Luckily she doesn’t mind running in the yard playing fetch to get her exercise. She really enjoyed rooting for her home team the Eagles in the Super Bowl and playing in her first snow! 


Murphy Family and Sparky (now /Buddy )

Buddy's learning to walk on a leash, sits on command, and is loved by anyone who meets him. Potty training is going well, with only a few isolated accidents.

Selke Family and Boomer (now Percy )

11 month update...

We are so thankful to have Percy in our lives and absolutely adore him. He is such a good companion and has the adequate energy level for our lifestyle. Sometimes, I think he looks like his father Silus when he stands tall and proud. He is gorgeous and everyone that meets him thinks he is, too! His favorite toy is a squeaky tennis ball (he could play with that for hours) and loves to find little nooks and crannies to shove them into so that he cannot get them out without our help. One time we found 5 tennis balls under our couch! He has been well behaved in our home with only a few behavioral issues like ripping up my socks or pulling cardboard from our recycling basket but we give him plenty of chew toys and bully sticks and he hasn't chewed up any furniture. 

We used the VeRUS food that you supplied and ended up buying a 22lb.bag afterwards but ended up switching brands, not because of taste or quality necessarily but because of availability. We use online services like Chewy and Amazon to buy our pet care products and buying on auto ship was a better deal for us. We ended up switching to Blue Wilderness pet food.