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...Home raised wi​th love


2017 Maddie and Ryder Doodles

Scrivner Family & Cleo (now Ginger)

Hi Laurie - (9 month update)

We have also thoroughly enjoyed our golden doodle, Stella. She is about 50 pounds now (and growing every week). She has long thick hair, it has a little wave to it. We just had her groomed for the first time about a month ago. She has an excellent disposition. We always say that she just wants to be loved. She is so gentle with our three year old, especially when the three year old is being less than gentle with her. She loves sticks, toys and playing fetch with tennis balls. She is loving the snow and cold weather! Stella house trained very quickly and easily. She also learned her name and basic commands, such as sit, stop and down almost immediately. We tried to crate train her, but we were not successful. She started having a lot of anxiety being in the crate and we would come home to her being covered in saliva from panting and twice she had vomited. She has never chewed on the furniture, so we leave her in the kitchen and family room while we are out and we haven't has any issues. 

She too has had issues with her stomach. After several failed attempts with other foods, we have her on Hill's Prescription Diet i/d. It seems to be the only food that she can tolerate. The only other negatives are her jumping and counter surfing. She loves to jump up on us and anyone that she sees. She understands the command down, but her first instinct is always to jump up. She is also a counter surfer, not just for food, she will eat ANYTHING (kitchen utensils, paper, mulch, etc..)! 

Even with these few hurdles, we love having her! Our girls absolutely adore her and I think she is pretty happy here too :). 

Diem Family and Brutus (now Mosley)

Hi Laurie,

Nate and I were just talking the other day how we're curious about Moseley's siblings, I'm so exited to hear an update from everyone!

Moseley's coat is thick and wavy, not curly, he can't go longer than 8 weeks without being groomed. He was gaining 10 pounds every month and plateaued at 60 for a bit, he's almost 70 pounds now and maybe has another 10 to go as he fills out in the next few months. We've been through a few rounds of obedience classes, he learns new commands very quickly and is eager to please. Overall he is very obedient and he's never destroyed anything in the house. He is so calm and well behaved that people are shocked when we tell them he's only 8 months!

Moseley kept his laid back, gentle, sweet personality that we fell in love with from the beginning. He plays hard with big dogs and his human dad, but then knows to play gently with little kids and small dogs. It's amazing how in tune he is with the needs of others. We hope to get him certified as a therapy dog in the next year so he can go to school with us when we have students experiencing trauma.

The one and only negative was battling Moseley's stomach issues. I won't go into details, but it was pretty bad for a while. We were at the vet multiple times and changed food and treats a lot trying to figure it out, it was very frustrating for all of us. We finally did an elimination diet and luckily discovered quickly he has a chicken intolerance. We've since learned that he is extremely sensitive to any chicken product no matter how small the ingredient amount is. Now that we've figure that out, he is the perfect dog!

Below are some recent pictures. We hope everyone is having as much fun as we are!

Nate, Emily, and Moseley

Rodriguez Family & Portia (now Summer)

Hi Laurie,

We also absolutely love our doodle, Summer (Portia). Summer has a long thick and waving coat and is very sweet and obedient. Summer has not shed, even after a bath. She is very gentle with small children and knows that she can be a little more rough with my older son (but never in any way that would hurt him). She never barks, unless she is playing with another dog. We had no issues potty training and crate training her. She has never chewed on any of our furniture. She loves to be outdoors playing in the snow, leaves, and water sprinkles. Loves to play with sticks and tennis balls. Summer now weights 43 pounds. We also had to deal with stomach/diarrhea issues. After a (GI) blood test. Our vet put Summer on FortiFlora (probiotic) and B12 shots for a little over a month and changed her food to Hills Prescription Diet digestive Care i/d. We no longer have any stomach issues.  

Langman Family and Octavius (now Watson) 

Thank you! It is going very well. Watson is a very sweet and kind dog! He is already almost totally house-trained (1 1/2 weeks) and follows our son (his best friend) around at all times. He is a wonderful addition to the family and we could not be happier. Thanks again! ~B.

Hi Laurie, (9 month update)

Thank you for sending the email, we have loved reading about all the dogs. Watson (Octavius) has been an amazing addition to our family. He has had a zen-like calm ever since we picked him up. He is kind and the gentle with our 2 young children, especially following our six year old wherever he goes. He is bright, loving and smart. He came to us already housebroken, and somehow knows to only chew his toys. He loves running around our yard, and playing hide and seek with the kids. He also loves snuggling up against us more than any dog we have ever had. It only took about a month for him to convince us to withdraw our "no dog on the couch rule." He does not counter surf and the only mischief we've seen was that he ate low hanging gingerbread ornament that proved irresistible. He did initially have stomach trouble as well, not tolerating certain puppy foods. We have had success with Blue Buffalo Grain Free Puppy Food. He has not had any problems over the last several months. His coat is super curly and he does not shed. We get his hair cut every 6-8 weeks. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Watson and are so pleased that the entire litter are wonderful dogs.  


Ben Langman 

Jeff & Leah and Markus (now Remy) 

Just wanted to check in! Remy is such a love and full of life. He likes to play tug of war and doesn't know which toy is his favorite yet (he has about 10). He knows how to sit so far! We haven't seen him shed much if at all and he is crate trained for the most part!

Hi Laurie! (9 month update)

Here is a little update on Remy:

Remy’s coat is thick and curly. We get him groomed about every 90 days depending on the season and depending on how much fluff we can take! He gets brushed weekly to keep his coat soft. His weight has leveled out at about 60 pounds.

He is currently taking an obedience training class and catches on very quickly with commands. He loves everyone and every dog he meets and is very rambunctious. He could run circles around us all day if we would let him. Remy has never destroyed anything in the house and he was very easy to potty and crate train. He does get sassy sometimes and barks if he doesn’t get his way.

We also had stomach issues with Remy. He can’t eat many different foods without getting sick. We haven’t narrowed it down to any certain food in particular that he is allergic to but he is now on a limited ingredient diet with yogurt in the morning and Purina Fortiflora in the evening which has worked exceptionally well for us!

He is an amazing dog and we are having so much fun with him and watching him grow! There are some pictures of our boy below!

-Jeff, Leah and Remy 

Barclay Family and Caesar (now Tucker) 

Hi Laurie!

Happy New Year!! I would be happy to give some feedback about our favorite boy! First of all, I can’t think of any qualities I don’t like about Tucker. He is such a sweet boy and is very smart, loving, obedient, playful, and gentle. We have not had him weighed recently, but would estimate he is about 60-65 lbs now at about 9 months. We love his beautiful amber coat and the fact that he doesn’t shed! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to add him to our family. I’d also like to let you know (in case you should see any issues with another litter) that the mild heart murmur he had early on is completely healed and his health was not at all affected. He is a very happy and healthy pup! Happy to report we have not had any ear infections or issues at all! We also must have been lucky with Tucker as we didn’t have any of the stomach issues it seems some of the other puppies had. I will say we are very strict with his diet, so maybe that’s why? We kept him on VeRUS for about the first two months after we got him and then slowly switched him over to Blue Buffalo Puppy kibble. We do not feed him any human food at all and only buy treats made in the USA. Not sure what the key is but that combo has worked for us! Here is a recent pic of him at Christmas 😀 Take care -Logan

Ricci Family & Cassius now Cody

Hi, Doodle owners,

We are absolutely in love with our goldendoodle- Cody(buddy/cassius). He has a wonderful calm demeanor. He loves to people watch, pounce in the snow, run in the yard and is very friendly with dogs and people. We entered him into obedient school at 5 month’s old. He achieved advanced lessons during the short 4 week session as he learns after 2-3 repetitions.

He has a long flat coat. He has not shed until over the last 2-3 weeks. Could this possibly be just his puppy coat shedding and then he will go back to not shedding?

He was gaining 10 pounds a month. He was 50 pounds last month but I believe he is close to 60 now.

We have had stomach issues as well.cody often has diarrhea. He is finishing an anti inflammatory medication. He has always eaten blue chicken and brown rice. He never got better on boiled rice and chicken- wonder if he has a chicken intolerance as well.

Can you all send me the foods you tried and what is successful? I am thinking to switching to nutro, but maybe we should just change the flavor???

I LOVE all of these pictures of Cody’s siblings. Would love to know what final size they will all grow to be. Does anyone know about puppy coat shedding?? 

I forgot to mention that Cody has only been cut once. His hair is VERY EASY to maintain. We brush him every 1-2 weeks. We could pull on his coat and only one hair would come out but now it is about 5 hairs. Puppy coat shedding? He does not bother my son’s allergies or asthma at all.