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...Home raised wi​th love


2016 Lily & Silus Doodles

Hall Family

Sophia/Coco 7 weeks

  Olive 2010         Coco 2016          Rusty/Bear 2009

A "Bear" Hug

Raven is a very sweet boy! He loves to play frisbee and ball. He has great energy and is very intelligent. He enjoys joining in on conversations as he is a very vocal boy. We couldn't imagine life without him.  

I wanted to share a picture of Raven enjoying his first snow. He also just graduated from his first obedience training and is truly a wonderful dog! We could not be any more blessed. Thank you.

Fasnacht Family - Clara now Ginger 

ONE YEAR UPDATE - I trust you are having a wonderful Summer. We certainly are, and so is Ginger!! She's been enjoying swimming with us in the pool...she can't stand to see us tossing a ball without getting involved! Here are the answers to your questions. I hope they are helpful. Have a great evening!!

Weight: 44#

-Level of Shedding: None. We've learned to comb her often and thoroughly. Getting a GoPets Dematting Comb has also been very helpful.

-Ear Issues: None. We do clean her ears from time time with NaturVet Ear Wash, which has Tea Tree oil in it. Seems to work well.

Finley is a very lovable dog! He is a quick learner and is very respectful of training. He loves his “big brother” and wants to be around him at all times! Finley is ALWAYS up for playing and cuddling :)

Ruby is a sweetie. Wild and naughty, but sweet and amazing! Ginger

Reihart Family

Ginger (was Nora) has been the best thing to happen to this family. She is so much fun. She is spoiled and she runs the house, but we love her so much.