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...Home raised wi​th love


2015 Silus & Lily Doodles


Maggie - 8 month update

The Wood Family

Maggie is very lovable. She actually smiles to greet us when we get her out of her crate. She can be a little aggressive with my youngest son who is 9. I think she is just playing but her teeth are big and she has scratched him a few times.

She is doing a lot of counter surfing recently, trying to see what she can get away with. Overall though, she is a pleasure.

Di'Argo (Riley)

8 months

8 Weeks

Jessie & Di'Argo (Riley)

Little update on d'argo (formerly Riley): he was a breeze to house train, practically came to us already trained. We taught him to ring a bell to ask to go potty, which he caught on to pretty fast. Crate training was a little rocky at first, he hates to be alone, but he has adjusted and goes in as soon as we say 'crate'. We got another puppy shortly after him and they have been inseparable since. We groom himself ourselves and he loves it, he acts like he's at the spa! He is a quick learner for tricks, he will pretty much do anything for a treat. He is a bit of a pig haha, he has to be crated during dinner cause he begs our 20 month old daughter for food and she gives it to him. He also has some counter surfing habits we have to watch out for but that's pretty much his only really bad habit. Despite his large size he is pretty much our big baby and loves to cuddle on our laps and carry around his favorite stuffed animals. He gets excited and scared when he meets new people and dogs and pees himself sometimes but he warms up to everyone especially if they will rub his belly. When we got the big snow storm he had a blast playing outside with his doggy brother Falkor, I had to bribe them with treats to get them back in!

One Year Update

D'argo/Riley is doing great, he's such a sweetheart. A bit pushy with the belly rub requests though haha.

Bailey (Oliver)

Bailey Oliver Brooks is one of Lily and Silas' pups born June 7th 2015. At almost seven months old now , he is an absolute joy, funny and smart, he charms everyone who sees him. Although a bit ornery he likes to dig and play in the mud. He loves to ride in the car. Bailey is strong and healthy with a beautiful shaggy red coat. He does well with grooming and training, he was very easy to house train and adjusted to his forever home and family immediately. His only problem behavior has been nipping and jumping on visitors but this is calming down. Thank you Lily and Silas for giving us such a beautiful puppy and much thanks to the Millers' for the tender love and care they put into breeding these beautiful Goldendoodles.

Samantha & Walter Brooks

Toby (Gus)

Cann Family

Toby (Gus – 2015 summer litter)


We are thrilled with Toby. At just over 7 months, he weighs about 50 lbs. and is still growing we’re sure. He has really settled in nicely with our routine and is the great family dog we had hoped. Very playful with people and loves his toys and bones. Early on, a few accidents in the house but really that stopped after about 3 months. Also, a few kitchen baseboards were chewed in the first few months but kind of expected. As far as potty time, Toby now rings the bell if he needs to go out. We are planning on starting puppy school shortly per the recommendation of other golden doodle owners who have written in and are on your website.

Toby is a very smart dog who quickly picked up very basic commands. He still jumps too much and gets in to things he shouldn’t but that’s par for the course at this age. Toby enjoyed his first experience with snow this past week! After initial hesitation, he quickly was having a good old time rumbling into snow drifts. When he is in the yard or on walks he likes to nibble on just about anything in his path so we watch him. He does like to dig which again is probably normal puppy stuff but we are working on that. Lastly, Toby is a great guard dog. When he hears unusual sounds outside he will growl or yip a little bit which is great. Otherwise, Toby rarely barks.

Overall, Toby gives our family much joy and is everything we had hoped for!


Cooper & The Kozuck Family


Sam and the Farber family


Indie (Jazz)

Matt & Shanna


We love Indie so much, he is a great dog! He is so smart and wherever we go people flock to him. You did a very nice job preparing him for potty training. He was fully potty trained within 2 -3 weeks of having him.

Indie is very calm with us, I would give him a 1 or a 2. He loves to cuddle with us. When he starts playing he won’t nip at me, but he will nip at my husband. He doesn’t bite down all the way just a loose nip. I wouldn’t say this is related to his temperament.

When Indie meets new people or sees people he really likes, he does get excited for the first 5 - 10 minutes, but then he calms down. I would rate him at a 4 - 5 during this time period. He doesn’t nip at these people he just wants to lick and kiss them, which makes him a little jumpy. :) He loves children too, he loves to lick their hands and he doesn’t jump on them.

He loves playing with other dogs too!

When we take him downtown to our little city, he gets a little scared from all the new noises but does not get “mean” scared just acts a little frightful.

Hope this helps!