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...Home raised wi‚Äčth love


2014-15 Ted & Lily Doodles

Max (Buster)

Penny (Roxy)

Michael and I absolutely adore Penny! She was super easy to train; only two accidents in the house. Penny is really a beautiful Doodle. I get compliments on her all the time, people love her coat. I have been dealing with ear problems for quite some time; they just don't want to get better. Penny has already completed puppy school. While she did okay, I would suggest to bring a doodle around 6 months; any earlier the attention span just isn't there. Penny has the life here. Three days a week she goes to play at Grandma's house all day while we are at work. She loves to ride in the car, no car sickness here. We walk/run with Penny daily. Penny has such a unique personality. We feel like she develops more and more daily. She really makes us laugh! She loves to steal/chew on everything/anything she can get her mouth on. Penny also loves to DIG and I especially love it when she gets all muddy and I need to give her a quick bath. We sincerely look forward to being with Penny daily and we are so happy that she is a part of our lives. I attached numerous pictures of her from when she was a puppy and now (about 7 months)  


6 months

One Year

Sadie has been a great addition to our family. We have two young boys (9&6). They adore her and she loves them. My husband and I have also enjoyed having her. She is a great walking companion. She also loves taking the boys to and from the bus stop each morning. Sadie loves playing fetch and chasing any ball around. This winter the boys had her out while they built snowmen and other activities during our many snow days! Now that it is nice out she really enjoys being outside in our yard. 

Sadie had very little accidents as a puppy and learned quickly. She also just finished her first obedience classes with flying colors! Some of the puppy behavior (nipping, jumping) have definitely slowed down or stopped. We just have to not leave food on the counter. If we are there she does not jump up but if we are not looking she might try. The boys have also learned they have to pick up their toys or Sadie will chew it up. She is playful and sweet. She learns quickly. Her biggest challenge is she likes to grab anything, like a shoe, sock, kid toy and she want you to chase her. We have luckily used the drop command with a reward which is better then chasing her around because you just can't catch her! She also want to jump on new people because she is so excited. We are working on it. Once she is familiar with the person she calms down pretty quickly. My nine year old has definitely taken on more responsibility with Sadie. He is all about teaching her to be a good dog! My younger boy is still learning but he loves her so much! She does not bark to much unless someone comes around our back yard. She will almost howl but it is short lived when I tell her it is ok. She is very friendly and loves people especially kids.  

Sadie now weighs 41 pounds and I've heard she is on the smaller side (we will see ;)). Smaller then we anticipated but we did not really want a huge dog anyway so it is perfect for us. She has a beautiful coat! She has loose curls. She is so soft! We just can't get over her coat. We have had no issues with her ears. She got sick in the car once but that was my fault (I got lost on some winding roads).

We feel very blessed to have such a great dog! We couldn't be happier!

Grillet Family

Rocky (Cole)

Rocky is doing great. Cried a lot first night but last night went right into crate and only woke up to go potty. He is doing great with going outside to go potty. He and Paisley are getting along well and she wears him out playing. ~ Candi

Rocky is really hard to get pictures of as he is so dark that most of the time his face is hard to see in the picture. He has a wonderful disposition. Very fun loving. Someone recently said he is like the Philly Fanatic. Happy go lucky and looking for the party. He plays very well with other dogs.

We drove to Florida with him in April and he got carsick about an hour into the ride. After that he made the 17 hour trip just fine. He actually was a much better rider than our other dog who pants the entire trip.

No ear problems. His coat is silky with just slight curl. We have had him groomed once and just had them clean up face & feet mostly. We are going to have him groomed in 2 weeks and plan on getting a shorter summer cut.

Training has been very easy with Rocky. He is a very fast learner. Potty training was super easy with very few accidents in house. We have recently trained him to our underground yard fence and he picked up on it very quickly.

Only thing I notice is he is very vocal at vet's and very sensitive to any type of pain. He cries when he gets shots. We had him neutered recently and he would not walk for several days. He needed every one of the pain meds to get thru the week's recovery. He threw a puppy fit at vet's when he had to give blood before the surgery and took 3 people to hold him down. A very big baby!

He is a joy and we love having him as a family member. He makes me laugh everyday!

Candi S.

Lucky (Willow)


All is going great with Zoey she has adjusted well with our family. She follows direction very quickly and she's getting BIG every week, I love it. We love her so much. It's nice to come home to see her so excited to see us. Potty training went well it was very easy. Her first week she had about 2 or 3 accidents before we got into the swing of things. I didn't have to use any training pads for Zoey, she did gr8! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to own such an awesome companion :-) .

One Year Update

You can see the brown around her nose and mouth.

Zoey loves to ride on our golf cart with her bff.

Not much shedding at all. She works out GREAT for my daughter's allergies. NO problems with her allergies whatsoever. After Zoey's 1st hair cut she looked exactly like a poodle lol. She's very curly and silky, and she loves to ride in the car, she's a very good traveler and listens WELL. We just LOVE Zoey and glad we made the 10hrs drive to get her. Thank you so much:)

Lucy (Sasha)

Turning brown...

Hi Laurie and Sven, Tom said he thought I'd do a better job at describing Our Precious Lucy, AKA Princess Lucy of Hutch,

and now Lucy Goodgirl. She is the joy of our life and Tom's grown children are jealous of her. We ask each other several

times a week, "How did we ever live without her". She makes us laugh 100 times a day. And we tell her 100 times a day

she is the prettiest, most wonderful girl in the universe. Spoiled! OK maybe.

One crazy thing that has happened to her all jet black fur is parts of her are turning brown. Above her nose and small

patches on her body. Is there a chance she will go all brown.

She is so smart we can't stand it. Because we talk to her just about all day, we weren't surprised when she would doggy

talk back to us a word or two but now she howls out a whole sentence especially when she wants Tom to take her with

him. He takes her to church and pulls out his chair and sits while she roams the large field next door. Sometimes we

call her the church lady. She loves the car and sits up pretty most of the time. About a week or two ago she stopped

putting her head out the window. Tom thought maybe a bug got her and I think it might be long hair flapping in her

face but maybe its just the hot weather. We'll see if that changes in the fall.

Within the last month she is barking ever so slightly and reacting to noises and things happening outside. But if a

noise happens outside or a person on a bike or skateboard comes along she immediately goes and sits under Tom's legs.

She is very quick to learn anything with very little effort on our part. She is seldom left alone because of our work

schedules. I say she has all her bad habits from Tom and all her good from me. She's a long a lanky teenager and

talks back but then we just laugh and laugh. Tom and I each have our routines with her but most of all she's a

daddy's girl. It took me probably 15 minutes to teach her how to roll over. She loves her Iams cookies

Early on there were ear issues but not really bad or smelly. She has had two grooming sessions and they may be

managing that. Her hair is softer than mom's but we'll see at a year. She hasn't met a dog or a person she doesn't

like. Her attitude is I love all of you and all of you should love me. She has two cousins she has been playing with

since we got her and there is a boxer mix next door she has befriended. She plays very hard with all of them and

loves every bit of it. We brought her to the dog park the other day and there were little dogs in the big dog pen. I

was afraid knowing how she chest butts the big dogs in play. But, no need to worry she was fine with the little ones.

She's wonderful. We have several friends who have volunteered to take her if we go on a vacation. She and my

3 year old cat are settling into a neutral/curious existence. At times they lay a foot apart but when he runs she is

hot on his tail. She wants to play with him and sometimes when he is up on his purch, he gently swats at her as

she runs at him from every direction.

We are moving in a couple months to a larger townhome to give her more room - OK me too.

I just got a new computer so I'll have to send you pictures from my phone until I learn how to use this.

I often remember the first time we met and we picked out the precious ball of fur who gave us a high five at first

sight and the day we picked her up. Hope all is well with you. Keep making people happy like you have us.

Gratefully yours, Joanne and Tom 

Gracie (Peanut)

Gracie's about 30 pounds now. Spends 2 days a week at day camp (wagsworth Manor) where she plays and swims once a week. She rides well in the car and LOVES camp. She had her first grooming last week so we can again see her eyes. I love her curly coat. She is a mama's girl but then I do the most with her. She's extremely social and is so curious our walks take much longer than I intend. We start 5 weeks of puppy pre school next sat. I bought a vibrating collar to teach her to stay off the pool cover. I was having to drag her out all the time. The vibration doesn't hurt but she doesn't like it as it makes a little buzzing sound. "What the heck! Where's that coming from." No more problem. Only had to use it a few times. We love her dearly and while getting into everything we often have to laugh. A bit of a picky eater so I'm working on that. She's not crazy about treats either. Go figure. Will be in touch. She is doing great!

One year Gracie update...

She Loves the snow! Happy doggie! They really are like little kids! So much fun and so full of energy! And they all lie the same way I can see from all the wonderful pictures of the other doggies. Gracie sleeps w us especially in the mornings but gets too warm to spend the whole night on the bed. Thank goodness as she's so big! She is so funny as any time Phil gets out of bed she comes from where ever she is sleeping in the house and snuggles into his spot. Makes us laugh, the little bed thief. We made it through the snow storm and Gracie managed to find a tennis ball in all that snow today. She sniffs around then sticks her entire head in the snow. She looks so silly. It is fun to see the other doggies. Thanks for sharing, Milly

Fudge (Rocky)

Fudge is doing great. We are already smitten. Goliath (our Adult Goldendoodle) , not so much, but he is coming around and Fudge has learned a bit of respect in the process.

We looked at old photos of Goliath from when we first got him. We think Goliath is more poodley and Fudge looks a bit more golden retriever-like. Also, Goliath appears to have been bigger. He is a big dog now--tall like a poodle, lean but 85 pounds.

We are surviving puppyhood. My boys are doing a tremendous job keeping Fudge busy. I am still getting up between 2pm and 3pm, but, other than that, I am not minding it too much. My big dog is still not thrilled but we are seeing incremental improvement. Everything that I read said to give it 3 weeks. So, here's hoping. 

Fudge is pretty laid back. He is not at all timid or unsure, though, different than he looked when I first met him. He is pretty food oriented which is helpful with training. He is a pleaser and responds pretty quickly to a clap and "no" when he is getting into trouble. He is a people dog. He looks right into your face like he is trying to figure you out. My teenage son things he is part woolly worm as he squirms on his belly and scooches around rather than getting up to walk sometimes. He is a big napper and really is not horrible when he is wound up, which is better than I remember other pups I have raised. Again, having my big boys home all of the time gives him such a leg up as he is not crated much during the day and he is perpetually tired as they take turns playing with him while the other one gets his school work or jobs done. I have been reading some of their schoolwork outloud while they play with him which works well and we can still get something done while we tire him out. 

Six month update

We are having a great time with Fudge. He is a remarkable dog. His personality is most excellent. He is also living a charmed life with two boys who are home with him all day. 

One year update....

Fudge (Rocky)

Fudge's pal Gogo

Fudge is really a remarkable dog. I just wanted to let you know that as you plan your next litters. He is super smart and fun and funny. He is very affectionate and pretty obedient. He can still be a rascal but he is only one year old. He never has accidents in the house and has not since he was like 11 weeks old. We stopped crating him when he was 5 months old and he has never done anything bad when we are gone. Dogs are not allowed upstairs or on furniture at our house and he learned this quickly and has never broken the rule. He has learned the boundaries of our yard pretty well. We do not have a fenced yard (about an acre). We run the dogs for 20 minutes every morning off-leash and he stays in our yard and chases balls and has a grand time. He still pulls some on a flexi-lead but obeys beautifully on a prong collar. His only trait that I wish were different is he is super boisterous when greeting company. He comes on a bit strong (in the friendliest way) and it can be a bit much for all involved. We are working on that one. I thought you might want this feedback. I would love to know how his siblings are doing as well.