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...Home raised wi​th love


6 month & 1 year updates...

(Jack) now Jake

Six month update...

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to bring Jake (aka Jack) into our family. He has such a wonderful personality. The other owners in his obedience class have nicknamed him “The Happiest Dog in the World”. He loves people and other dogs and we try to socialize him as much as possible.

We are fortunate that Jake does not like to chew on wood, so our kitchen cabinets and furniture have been spared. Jake’s focus has been on paper; paper towels, newspaper, our son’s homework, etc. We’re working on it and hope that it’s a phase he’ll outgrow.

Jake is a beautiful dog. He gets a lot of compliments on his appearance and his coloring. He’s about 55 pounds now.


Marisa and Mark

One year update...

We’ve had a great 10 months with Jake. He is such a joy and keeps us smiling all of the time. He’s a big boy, about 75 pounds. His ears are pretty clean. He loves going to the groomer, he loves going anywhere. Riding in the car is one of his favorite things to do and he does not get car sick. He loves people and other animals. He’s best buddies with my mother’s Standard Poodle. As active as he is during the day, he does like to settle down and cuddle on the couch in the evening and early morning. He’s such a sweet dog!

Counter surfing has been a problem but we’re working on it and it has gotten better. He was very easy to train on our electric fence and really enjoys the freedom of being able to run around the property. The only downside is that he has discovered digging. We’re not sure how to curb that, but again, we’re working on it.

We receive complements all of the time about how beautiful he is. Thank you so much, we couldn’t be happier with our Jake.

Marisa and Mark


Six Month Update...

Hello Laurie and Sven,

Maxine is doing fantastic! She is always happy, peppy, bubbly, and very bouncy. She is very friendly. She likes to follow us without a leash when we go hiking. She loves car ride. (Only got carsick once so far. ). She does get into a lot of trouble often like jumping on people, jumping on tables and a lot more jumping, but overall she is a wonderful dog.

Maxine is a family’s best friend, she loves being around people and people petting her and cuddling with her, and she loves meeting new people. She also has a weird craving for paper when it falls on the floor or when she jumps on the table and eats some paper or just eats paper that’s from outside.

Maxine is 41 pounds as of yesterday and her color hasn’t really lightened since we got her. She has little strands of white hair in her coat. Her fur is kind of odd near her head it’s a little bit dark and then her middle part is light colored and her fur near her tail is really dark, also her fur close to her head is medium curls and the center is pretty straight and her fur near her tail is super thick and twisted.

The picture attached was taken a month ago before she had a hair cut.

Thanks for checking in!


Zhang family

One year update...

Maxine is an extraordinary part of our family. We are so happy we have her. Maxine is 55 lbs the last time we weighed her. Maxine’s fur is not very curly, but more wavy. Her eye lashes are super long, just like her mother. We recently just discovered during our trip to the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, she loves swimming! Maxine never really chewed anything in our house until we got her an orange rubber ball, and when she gets it stuck in the couch, she would get frustrated when she couldn’t get it out, and chew on the couch, but other than her frustration, she’s good with not biting anything. The only problem she really has is jumping, she just gets so excited if anybody comes to our house or when we come home that’s when she tends to jump, but she’s got much better since she was a puppy. Maxine has gotten carsick twice, once when we were getting her, and the other time she was still young. So she’s pretty good in the car, but in the beginning she stills gets tense. Maxine enjoys going for hikes, the dog park, a swim, playing Frisbee, sleeping on my daughter, Cyndi’s bed, and cuddling up on the couch with everybody. We are all overjoyed to have Maxine in our family. Thank you so much, now we can’t even think of life without her.

p.s we have been thinking of doing a reunion, for all of Maxine’s brothers and sisters so they can see each other again.

- The Zhang family  

Murphy's Family...

Six month update...


I have so enjoyed hearing how all of Murphy's brothers and sisters are doing.

Murphy has been such a fun ,loving, big bundle of joy. He has a wonderful personality. He loves everyone and loves playing with our friends dogs. He has a lot of energy and a great disposition.

He was getting better about chewing but in the last month is going after my daughters toys a lot! He is also bad about sticking his head in the garbage can and sometimes on the table. It is hard since he is so tall!!! at 7 months he is huge! He is a lot bigger then we expected. Much bigger then our lab , who is not small. But we love him and his crazy hair. We have not groomed him yet and I am nervous about when we do. I don't want for him to loose his crazy hair!!!!

He does well in the car and luckily no car sickness. We are about to head to PA on Sunday, his first big road trip since we brought him home. I also must admit he did not like the heat of our North Carolina summers. He might need a hair cut next summer.

We couldn't be happier and are so grateful he has joined our family. Our two year old requests that he sleep next to her crib and he loves it.

All our best, Allison

One year update...

We are so excited to say Murphy is 1! For so long people would ask us how old he was and not believe us because of his large size. He weighs in at 75lbs but it is more his height that gets everyone. The groomers and his instructors at dog training say he and his brother Max are the biggest Doodles they have ever seen. We just took him to the groomers for the first time 3 weeks ago and as sad as I was to see his shaggy self go I am loving his short hair and less mess in the house. I think he is enjoying it too since he is always rubbing his hind quarters up against us. He only has a little ear hair but he doesn't enjoy his nails being cute.

He is getting better about counter surfing, but I will never say never. I also thought he was getting out of his chewing stage until he chewed the arm off my daughters Easter American Girl doll.

He loves, loves, loves, other dogs!! and people. He is very smart when he wants to be and has a great ear for selective hearing.

He is a wonderful addition to our home and are so grateful to have him.

Allison, Jamie, Seppi, and Eliza

(Buddy) now Dunder

Six Months

We are so blessed with our Dunder (Buddy). He is always happy and is extremely friendly with other people and dogs. He just graduated from the second level of puppy training. He knows a lot of great commands that come in very handy around the house. Dunder does not chew on furniture or wood, thank goodness - but he LOVES socks and shoes and blankets....

Dunder did have a pretty bad ear infection when he was about 4 months old that lasted for quite a while. The vet said that goldendoodles need extra care when it comes to their ears because they are more prone to ear infections. It was a rough time!

Dunder also pees a little bit when he gets overly excited. And he is a jumper. I would be curious to know if anyone else has issues with this. Dunder loves jumping up on people and tries to chew on sleeves. It is very annoying and we are working with a trainer on some of his bad habits.

We also get a lot of compliments on how 'beautiful' Dunder is. I think he would rather be called handsome - but we are proud parents all the same! Next friday he gets neutered. We are sort of hoping that helps a tad with him aggressive biting (which is only with me, not with my husband or others).

Erin & Josh

One Year Update...

We love our Dunder (Buddy). He is turning into a very nice young man! He graduated from his third puppy class. We would really love to see how all of Dunder's brothers and sisters are doing, so we really appreciate you putting pictures up!

Dunder does have issues with his ears every now and then. We have to clean them out quite often or they get irritated. It is a pain! Other than that, nothing crazy! He is our love and joy!

(Toby) now Finnley

Six month update...

Hi Laurie,

Lily's pup, Toby (we call him Finnley (left), is doing great! A typical doodle: happy-go-lucky, smart, energetic, and social. He is always getting into trouble and mischief, and will put anything into his mouth. (Although I have noticed in the past month that he is settling down in that regard.) Still active, but much more responsive to what I ask of him. He is definitely not an independent dog, always wanting to be by a family member's side (both human and dog). He and my other doodles have bonded very well, and love to wrestle and play.

His color has lightened up quite a bit, not so much apricot but turning more blond. Currently, he is about 54 lbs. I don't think he'll be quite as big as our other doodles (two males also, but full grown at 85-90 pounds.)  

Attached is recent picture of Finn (left) next to our Lucky.  

Thanks for checking in!  

Best-- Diana and family

One Year Update...

An update on Toby, now "Finn". Ears are hairy. But, no car-sickness. (Which I love since I have a dog who gets car sick.) He is extremely friendly, energetic and curious to explore all his senses to the point that I call him "nosy". Loves people and other dogs.  

Coat -- Very course and thick. Like a sheep's! :) I am comparing this to my other two doodles who are F1's. His very thick coat could be because he is an F1B, or maybe genetic from his parents. When he was a puppy, he was considered an apricot color, but has since lightened so much that he is now nearly a white-blond.  

He grew to be quite big. To compare, our other dog is a very big and tall doodle, and at 6 years weights 90 lbs. Finn now is as tall as him and I suspect will be filling out more. Finn currently weighs 75 lbs.

We love him to pieces!


P.S. I think you would be interested to note one confirmation detail. Our other doodles always carry their tails low and down. Finn's tail is usually curled upward on his back. I noticed the similar trait on pictures of his litter mates. He occasionally plays with Mia from Sophie's litter and she carries her tail curled upward also. I am thinking its in their genes. :)


Six month update...

Lola has been a wonderful addition to our family! She is the same curious puppy. She is very smart and trains easily. She loves to have us chase her and will take things to get us to try to get them back. She loves to play fetch and will "drop it" when told to do so. Most of the issues have been with her nipping which is much better and "counter surfing". Unfortunately, the first time she got up on the counter, she hit pay dirt and got cupcakes (luckily they weren't chocolate). 

She weighs about 55lbs. Her color has become darker down the center of her back and on her ears to a reddish orange color. The rest of her is a bit lighter.

I am sending 3 pictures of her. She loves going on adventures in the car and always crashes on the way back from our son's baseball tournaments.

It has been great to see all of the pictures of her siblings. What a true treasure it must be for you all to create such joy in families!

Cari, Mitch, Avery, and Chase

One year update...

Lola is doing really well. She is still 70 lbs and holding. She is doing much better at her nipping and counter surfing. We have had to be very careful to make sure she did not get anything good off the counter though.

Lola's ears have a little hair in them not much though. The groomer has been very impressed with how well she stands on the table every time. 

Lola goes on car rides all the time. She has gotten sick two times and both times it was hilly and curvy.

Lola is still very mischievous and smart. She was getting our daughter's socks and we could not figure out how she we getting them. Until, one day, I saw her unzip the bag by sticking her muzzle down into the bag to open it enough to get full head in it. Voilà....she pulled out a sock!

Lola loves to play fetch. She brings us the ball every morning and evening. She is also very affectionate. When I get home from work, she gets me into the family room to sit on the floor with her so we can cuddle. She also has her mother's long eyelashes. They are crazy long!

Thank you for the wonderful dog. We constantly gets comments on how beautiful she is...and we are a bit partial anyway!

Cari, Mitch, Avery, and Chase

(Rudy) now Freddy

Six month update...


We are so in love with Freddie (Rudy). He has maintained his apricot coloring, but his face is white like his mother! He is a very laid back and an easy to train puppy although .... I think he is too smart haha and sometimes has one up on us. The only continued frustrations we have are that he still tinkles if excited (every time we come home or if anyone excitedly pets him). We have curbed this by not touching him and letting him out first and petting him outside but he still spray pees outside while we pet him after he goes. This is harder when others try to pet him and he pees on there shoes. He does chew papers but only if left alone. Otherwise we haven't had chewing problems. The other issue was skin allergies. He seems to be allergic to something outside (I think it's bug bites cause it's mostly on his front legs) we treated him and it's better but we're hoping the first frost fixes it. He tolerates the car well as long as he didn't just eat. His ears seem to be on the less hairy side. He likes the groomer so far, but is terrified of the vet (I have no idea why they are so nice to him). All in all we have a routine down, we have him house trained, and he obeys the electric fence which gives him some freedom of the yard! We love him and thank you for our wonderful addition!


Ashlee and Ryan 

Happy one year! 

Freddie is an amazing addition to our family. He does have hairy ears and this week has his first ear infection but it is improving with medication. He is playful and energetic and would play catch for 13 hours straight if there were enough humans to comply! He is very smart and took to training fast. Inside he doesn't chew anything but his toys and no longer counter surfs unless we leave something out that is irresistible (which in my opinion is our fault not his). He does not shed at all which has been great and I'm not allergic to him at all! He does have eczema and environmental allergies so we have him on grain free food which so far has fixed the problem but now it's spring so we will see. He has adapted well to his electric fence and doesn't ever cross the line of flags, but he loves being outside so much sometimes he forgets he is not king of the jungle.haha He doesn't get car sick at all anymore and he gets in willingly but he did get sick a few times as a puppy. He is 64 lbs and is perfect for our family and we are so grateful!

-Ashlee and Ryan 


Six Month Update...

How wonderful to read about Ginger's siblings! :) They have a lot in common. Ginger is a fun-loving, sweet, friendly girl. We get comments from everyone on how beautiful and fluffy she is. She has more or less maintained her coloring ... darker on the ears, a whitish head (I trimmed her hair low mid-summer and she looked like George Washington! LOL), apricot back, and blonde everywhere else. Her hair has gotten fairly curly! She weighs about 50 lbs. She, too, is an enthusiastic jumper ... probably our major "issue" with her, particularly with unsuspecting friends. She digs, too, which is frustrating. Nevertheless, she is a treasured member of the family ... she fit in the night we got her home. She was spayed 2 weeks ago and tolerated that well. She tolerates getting groomed fairly well. She, too, graduated from her 2nd puppy kindergarten class and was a big show off! She was usually the first to learn the new commands. She likes other dogs and knows to be calmer around some of her timid canine friends. She gets carsick if she's on a trip longer than 20 mins. She is stuck to me like glue ... is beside me whenever I'm home ... but will remain beside another family member when I'm out. She does not chew furniture, but will chew paper, sticks, and rocks (which is new). She destroyed one pair of sunglasses that were inadvertantly left on the deck, but otherwise she's been pretty good! She loves our family hikes through dog-friendly parks.

Attached are a few pictures of our Ginger. I'm not sure where everyone lives, but we would love to get her together with some siblings if we could. We're in Southern Chester County. There's a dog park not too far away in West Grove.


One year update...

one year

Ginger is doing well. She is about 60 lbs. She is by my side whenever I'm home ... and sometimes on my lap, especially at the end of the day when the kids have all gone to bed. She still occasionally gets carsick (after about 20 min) and she still occasionally nips, especially the kids when they're running around the backyard. She is sweet and mellow, except when there is any sort of excitement or when someone new is here. She rarely barks, except if she sees something outside that she doesn't understand (like a neighbor powerwashing his house or a bag blowing in the wind). Her ears are semi-hairy. She's become fairly patient with hair clipping, but still doesn't like her feet being touched or her nails being clipped. She recently has begun enjoying a game of fetch. She absolutely loves walks and hikes with the family. She's become fairly reliable in not eating shoes, socks, or toys anymore, which is a relief. She's a beautiful dog and we adore her!

~The Russell Family


So happy to hear from you! Max is doing very well and has been a great puppy. He just graduated from his puppy class and was awarded a "K9 Good Citizen" certificate. He is very smart and easy to train. He also loves playing with other dogs. He is not a chewer (thank goodness) but loves to swallow socks whole...and then throws them up about 12 hours later. He loves to play fetch with a ball and wrestle with our older dog, Duncan. He also loves to cuddle and thinks he's still a lap dog, despite being as huge as he is. He was the biggest puppy in his class. :)


(Stella) now Freya

Six month update

Things are going well. A few little mistakes in the house, but not on the rug. Both puppies are getting along, playing and learning to know each other.


One year update...

  Watching the snow fall (above)

She is doing great. Loves her balls, and chasing them. This weekend there is a gathering in Dewey beach Delaware, it's about 1 mile from our house. It's called doodles in Dewey. Last I heard, there are hundreds of them. Should be lots of fun.